September 19, 2021

Losartan Side Effects

Losartan is often sold under the brand name of cozaar. This medication is taken orally and is a part of a group of drugs known as angiotensin receptor blockers. Angiotensin is normally found in the blood stream. It may attach to muscle cells and force them to contract. This chemical may also cause blood vessels […]

Lorazepam Side Effects

Lorazepam is often prescribed to patients to treat anxiety, seizures and insomnia. In hospitals, it may be given to sedate patients who are anxious or aggressive. This medication is not commonly prescribed because it can be highly addictive. When it first began being prescribed in the 1970s, adolescents would take lorazepam and use it for […]

Lithium Side Effects

Lithium is a mood stabilizing drug that is commonly used to treat bipolar disorder, otherwise known as manic depression. The drug helps to control the manic phase of bipolar. Mania is characterized by periods of hyperactivity, bad decision making, aggression, and extended periods without sleep. Lithium is sometimes used in conjunction with other medicines to […]

Levothyroxine Side Effects

Levothyroxine is often prescribed to individuals who suffer from hypothyroidism, thyroid cancers, cretinism or goiter. The medication works by supplying with the body with synthetically made thyroid hormones. When the patient receives the extra dose of the thyroid hormone, it brings their thyroid up to normal levels. Most of the issues people have with taking […]

Levaquin Side Effects

Levaquin is considered a type of antibiotic known as a fluoroquinolones. This antibiotic is intended to treat bacterial infections that have not responded to other forms of treatment. Although it is sold under brand names like EVO and Tavanic, the most popular name for it is levaquin. Individuals who take levaquin should be especially careful. […]

Lasix Side Effects

Lasix is often prescribed to patients who suffer from edema, renal disease, heart problems, hypertension or cirrhosis. As a treatment for hypertension, Lasix can be prescribed alone or with other medication options. Precautions Before taking Lasix, individuals should always tell their pharmacist or doctor if they have allergies to any drugs. Some inactive ingredients in […]

Ibuprofen Side Effects

As a popular pain killer, ibuprofen is used by individuals around the world to treat inflammation, high fevers and pain. Individuals often use this medication to lessen symptoms of dysmenorrhea, proctitis, neuralgia, toothaches and gout. Some people also find it useful as a pain remedy for migraines, arthritis and injuries. Ibuprofen was approved by the […]

HCG Side Effects

Human chorionic gonadotropin or HCG has a number of uses approved by the Food and Drug Administration. In fertility treatments, HCG is injected in women to induce ovulation. In male patients, HCG injections are used to treat hypogonadism to resolve diminished sexual function. The hormone can also be used as a tumor indicator for certain […]

Dexilant Side Effects

Dexilant is a popular treatment prescribed by doctors for acid reflux and certain gastrointestinal problems. This medication works to reduce the amount of acid in the stomach. With continued usage, Dexilant can reduce symptoms like coughs, ulcers, heartburn and problems swallowing. Some studies have also indicated that Dexilant can be effective at preventing cancer of […]

Depakote Side Effects

Depakote is comprised of valproate semisoduim. It has been sold around the world as a treatment for manic episodes in bipolar disorder. In the United States, it is sometimes prescribed as a treatment of depression, autism, migraines, epilepsy and neuropathy. Precautions Before Taking Depakote Anyone who is on other medications or supplements should tell their […]