September 19, 2021

Pravastatin Side Effects

Pravastatin is a regulated medication that is intended to lower levels of cholesterol and lipids. This medication is marketed for individuals with high cholesterol, heart attack risk or blood vessel disease. Lipids and cholesterols are stored in the body and generally come from food the individual eats. Individuals who eat a lot of cholesterol in their diet or who have a genetic predisposition are more likely to suffer from high cholesterol. Over time, high cholesterol can cause hardening of the arteries, strokes and heart attacks.

To reduce levels of cholesterol in the body, doctors will often prescribe a statin like pravastatin. Individuals who are taking pravastatin should avoid drinking alcohol or using any other medication. Herbal supplements, prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications can all affect the efficacy of pravastatin or cause serious side effects.

Pravastatin Side Effects

Although most people can take pravastatin without any symptoms, some individuals may experience side effects. They may suffer from flatulence, constipation, nausea, headaches and vomiting. Some individuals may suffer from heart burn, rashes and indigestion. In addition to these common side effects, patients have a slight risk of developing blurred vision, liver problems or kidney disorders.

Overall, users may develop any of the following side effects:

pravastatin side effects– Muscle pain
– Constipation
– Hair loss
– Memory issues
– Abdominal pain
– Nausea
– Kidney or liver problems
– Sexual problems
– Blurred vision
– Rashes
– Dry skin
– Insomnia
– Elevated liver enzymes
– Flatulence
– Dark urine
– Changes in the amount of urine
– Diarrhea
– Weakness
– Drowsiness
– Fatigue
– Dizziness
– Heartburn
– Jaundice
– Vertigo

Some patients who take pravastatin may suffer from an allergic reaction. To prevent this from happening, patients should always tell their doctor about any other allergies they have had in the past. If they develop an allergy to pravastatin they may experience swelling, problems breathing, hives, rashes or itchy skin.


side effects dangerPatients who are currently taking pravastatin should avoid drinking any alcohol. Alcohol use can increase the likelihood of the patient developing liver problems. Women who are taking pravastatin may be recommended contraception by their doctor. Pregnant and nursing women should only use pravastatin after talking with their doctor about potential side effects for the fetus.

Patients who have a history of liver problems, muscle issues, thyroid disorder or kidney problems should avoid taking pravastatin unless their doctor approves. Patients should always tell their doctor about any medical conditions or disorders before they start taking any medication. Women who are pregnant or nursing should tell their physician before using pravastatin because it could cause side effects for the baby.

Solving Side Effects

Anyone who experiences side effects from taking pravastatin should always consult with their doctor. Muscle pains associated with pravastatin usage can be a sign of something more serious or muscle inflammation. Individuals who have headaches caused by pravastatin can often alleviate the pain by using a pain killer. Symptoms of constipation or indigestion can be improved by eating a well-balanced diet, avoiding spicy food and drinking extra water. Patients who develop blurred vision should not drive or use equipment. They should also make an appointment to visit their doctor. Problems with diarrhea can also be temporarily alleviated by drinking extra water to compensate for all of the fluids lost.

Since some side effects can be serious, patients should always tell their doctor about any symptoms that they are experiencing. Although many minor side effects can be temporarily alleviated, only your doctor can decide if your side effects are a sign of more serious problems.

Any side effects should always be discussed with your doctor. In the case of severe side effects, patients should immediately visit an emergency room. Individuals should also ask their doctor before taking any other herbal supplements, medications or over-the-counter drugs. Certain chemicals can interact with pravastatin and may cause more serious side effects for the patient.