December 6, 2019

Statin Side Effects

Individuals with high cholesterol are often prescribed a statin to lower their cholesterol levels such as simvastatin and pravastatin.  High cholesterol has been linked to an increased risk of strokes and heart attacks. In some studies, patients reduced their risk of heart attack or stroke up to 35 percent while they were on statins. This […]

Simvastatin Side Effects

As a statin, simvastatin is intended to lower the levels of LDL or “bad” cholesterol. This type of cholesterol has been linked to higher rates of heart attack, stroke and coronary artery disease. By taking simvastatin over a period of time, users can prevent or reverse clogging of the arteries. Simvastatin is normally prescribed to […]

Pravastatin Side Effects

Pravastatin is a regulated medication that is intended to lower levels of cholesterol and lipids. This medication is marketed for individuals with high cholesterol, heart attack risk or blood vessel disease. Lipids and cholesterols are stored in the body and generally come from food the individual eats. Individuals who eat a lot of cholesterol in […]